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CTE Promotional Video

First hand accounts from Cranston East CTE students and teachers about what the program offers.
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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Cranston Public Schools is, through collaboration with the entire community, to deliver a high-quality, aligned and evidence-based instructional system that is accessible and responsive to diverse learners, which is supported by finances and facilities for the 21st Century and promotes student achievement and success through active learning and personalization.
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Principal's Message

Cranston has afforded my family and I many opportunities throughout our years in the community. I have been fortunate to live in Cranston, Coach in Cranston, be part of Cranston Public Schools for 32 years and have two children who graduated from Cranston Public Schools. It is our goal to make sure that you have the same opportunities that my family had in Cranston. 
WE are East!

Thomas A. Barbieri
Cranston High School East