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Volleyball Teams Raise Banners

The boys and girls volleyball teams raised their most recent championship banners.

May Newsletter

April Newsletter

East raises over $4K to battle Leukemia

As part of "March Madness" at Cranston East, students collected change in an effort to raise money for the Rhode Island Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Under the leadership and passion of science teacher Victoria Conte, the school collected over $4000!!

Attached are a few pictures of the many volunteers who earned community service by counting and rolling change from the penny wars. 

Quarter 2 Honor Roll 2017-18


Highest Honors: Kevin Aldana, Lagzacine Alexandre, Chelsea Asare, Anthony Florenz, Nathan Harding, Nathaniel Hardy, Hannah Joyce, Sovanada Lay, Yelitza Montesino, Brianna Schneider, and Mohammed Shawa. High Honors: Oldy Bejarano, Evan Chen, Tammy Chen, Caren Daou, Darien DiNaro, Briana Doyon, Aden Duffy, Jeszrene Faith Ebrada, Rossini Felix, Brooke Gannon, Emily Gautreaux, Kyla Gauvin, Ayodeji George, Jacob Glantz, Bobby Huang, Julia Huy, Kellsie King, Dina Louis, Emily Mellor, Caroline Nagy, Morgan Pacheco, Ashley Panadero, Jorgie Pashalian, Cade Pope, Brenna Rojek, Luis Sanchez Mercedes, Joseph Scungio, Jacob St Jean, Jared Struminsky, Leah Struminsky, Julia Therrien, Samuel Villeda, Michelle Xie, Thomas Yakey Jr, Shevanna Yee, and Jorge Zabala. Honors: Julandry Almonte, Ian Alvarado Cubero, Khadijah Antoine, Jaida Araujo, Gwen Anne Mari Babalato, Marcos Badia Estevez, Kendy Batres Escobar, Nicholas Bent-Ellis, Daniel Bernard, Anna Botts, Dylan Brown-Duso, Angela Cadima-Huayta, Taylor Cahill, Maia Caito, Jamison Cannata, Lizzie Cepeda,

Read more: Quarter 2 Honor Roll 2017-18

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