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Summer Reading

Attached are the summer reading assignments for honors and AP English Language Arts.


Spring Memo from our Superintendent

Below is a copy of the Spring Newsletter from our Superintendent, Jeannine Nota-Masse.

Another school year is quickly coming to an end. For those of you with Kindergarten students, I’m sure you’re amazed at how your child has blossomed as the year has passed. For the parents of our graduating seniors, you are probably filled with mixed emotions of joy and bittersweet nostalgia as your child prepares to enter college, military or the work force. When I talk to parents, I often hear them lament how quickly time “flies” and how it seems like yesterday their children began their educational journey. 

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Exam Schedule

2016 ILP Winners

2016 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Seniors Highest Honors: Danielle Abatiello, Kevin Chen, Qi Wen Chen, Xing Qing Dong, Kerrin Field, Noelle Kelvey, Kevin Li, Victoria Marion, Ambar Olivares, and Thea Kathleen Vargas. High
Honors: Trevor Berard, Ainsley Campbell, Saiya Chik, Jeanette Chin, Chrissna Chum, Genna Companatico, Sophia Cozzo, Justin Cruz, Rose DeLaCruz, Carla Dominguez, Keenan Dunleavy, Chantal Duran, Dylan Edwards, Tracy Edwards, Donna El-Laham, Cynthia Gatua, Ethan Gomez, Lara Hernandez Nunez, Amanda Holmes, Hui Ying Huang, Donita Irwin, Kelvin Jimenez, Gabrielle Johnson, Kysha Johnson, Jada Kun, Mikayla Lury, Abby MacLeod, Isabel Nagy, Zanabou Njie, Emily Nunez, Stephanie Nunez, Emily Ou, Alexia Peloquin, Alana Perez, Thalis Perez, Talia Santopadre, Alexandra Santos, Jessica Santurri, Sayira Silverio,

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