Science Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Cranston High School East Science Department is to guide students along their path to becoming informed citizens who are well versed in the methods and ideas of science.  To achieve this mission students will, use scientific reasoning and thinking skills to problem solve, communicate effectively, work cooperatively and use technology to work towards the goals of becoming lifelong learners and functioning in a global environment.


Nicholas Andreozzi: Biology, General Science


Michelle Casavant: Biology, General Science


Howard Chun: Physics, General Science


Victoria Conte: Biology, General Science


Richard Cushman: Chemistry, General Science


Lauren DeLucia:-Chemistry, General Science


Douglas McGunagle: Biology, General Science, Chemistry


Evangeline Merolla-Laplant: General Science, Chemistry


Glen Modica: General Science, Biology


Jessica Oliva: General Science, Biology


John Palumbo: General Science, Biology


Rosemarie Souza: General Science, Biology


Deborah Truchon:Chemistry, Physics, General Science


Ann Walkup: Physics, General Science

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