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The best way to contact a teacher, is via our student information system Aspen. As an alternative, below is an alphabetical list of our staff.

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# Name Position
21 Caduto, Tom Social Studies Teacher
22 Campbell, Stacey Math Department Chair
23 Caracciolo, Lori P.E. Teacher
24 Casali, Albert Special Education Teacher
25 Casavant, Michelle Science Teacher
26 Castelli, Albert Physical Education Teacher
27 Centore, Tom Guidance Counselor
28 Chun, Howard Science Teacher
29 Cirelli, Alyssa Special Education Teacher
30 Conley, Leslie Guidance Counselor
31 Conte, Victoria Science Teacher
32 Correra, Jane English Teacher
33 Costello, Catherine Special Education Teacher
34 Coughlin, William Social Studies Teacher
35 Cowell, Tom Social Studies Teacher
36 Creamer, Jim Guidance Counselor
37 Culpepper, Jennifer special Education Teacher
38 Cushman, Richard Science Teacher
39 Cyr, Jill Art Teacher
40 D'Ambrosio, Chris Vice-Principal

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